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What Your Friends Want to Know About Bearings

Let’s be honest. Bearings don’t typically come up in conversation at cocktail parties. But, maybe they should.

Did you know bearings were used in some famous historical events and to build some of history’s most important structures?

If you work in the bearing industry you might often overlook the significance and wide-ranging applications for this unique part.

This summer, maybe while you’re traveling to your favorite vacation destinations, share a couple of these fun facts about how bearings have impacted history and everyday life. Bearings don’t seem so boring now, do they?



During 2600 BC the Egyptians used a form of roller bearings to help move massive bricks during construction of the pyramids.

World’s First Bicycle Road Race

In 1869 a Parisian bicycle mechanic designed the first radial style ball bearing which was fitted to the winning bicycle in the world’s first bicycle road race.

World War II

Bearings were so important to the German war industry that German ball bearing factories were often a target of allied aerial bombings. One of the major plants was at Schweinfurt.

Space Travel & Technology

The Mars Rover, the Hubble telescope and weather satellites all use bearings.

Everyday Items

But you can also find bearings in your everyday home items:

• Computer hard drives

• Video game controllers

• Blenders

• Microwave ovens

• Washing machines

• Mechanical toothbrushes• Fans

• Air conditioners

• Garage door openers

• Hot tubs

• YoYos

• Skateboards


So, remember to thank Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo for describing types of bearings that we would eventually use to prevent friction. And now they have been used in applications from aerospace technology, to hot tubs, from skateboards, to satellites.


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